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Last night I was having a great deal of difficulty removing my contact lens. Despite my efforts I was still unable to remove it safely. At midnight the pain got worse and I noticed that my eye was bleeding. I have only known Dr. Marini for 2 years after leaving my old doctor after 45 years. But when I was sitting in my room in pain, I knew the appropriate thing to do was to call Dr. Marini even though it was midnight. I cannot tell you how kind and understanding he was despite the late hour I called him for help.

He told me to have my husband and I to meet him at his office in 20 minutes. I appreciated his help so much, We felt so comfortable and he didn’t make me feel bad about bothering him at that late hour. Dr. Marini spent 45 mins taking care of me and told me to come back in the morning if I needed to see him, otherwise see him in 3 days.

I am a registered nurse, and I have seen many times the docs get calls at late hours. Some of the docs get easily annoyed either on the phone with the patient. But I knew that he would not make me feel bad for calling him. Even if he sent me to the ER (which he didn’t) I knew he would have done right by me at that late hour.

So glad that our new eye doctor is the BEST. Thank you Dr. Marini

- Tricia O'Sullivan